Trying Out CPALead – Good Results

April 1st, 2010 by NdeJonge | Print Trying Out CPALead – Good Results

Over the past couple of weeks I have seen first hand the amount of money that can be made from CPALead.  For people who don’t know CPALead is an affiliate company that pays out affiliates for getting visitors to fill out surveys in order to unlock content at their websites.  A page will be locked on a site and the visitor will have to complete a survey in order to be able to see the page.

There are a ton of websites that CPALead can be successful on.  Here are just a few types of niche sites that could work with CPALead:

  • Movie Sites/TV Show Sites (This is what I am getting into at the moment)
  • Download Sites (ie, ring tones, files, games, etc.)
  • Incentive Sites (ie, game sites where players can earn game dollars by filling out surveys, a site where a player must collect a certain number of points to buy prizes by filling out surveys)
  • High Quality Content pages (something like NBA trade rumours could work if the user has to fill out a survey to gain access to the site for a month or something)

There are a ton of ways you can get visitors to fill out surveys and rake in the cash.

Here is my subaffiliate link for CPAlead if you decide to sign up.

My CPALead Projects At The Moment

At the moment I’ve been making movie sites for most of the big upcoming movies.  I also made a Watch Blue Mountain State Online website where visitors have to fill out a survey in order to get access to the entire first season.  I was very happy to get the domain and I think that it will prove to be a profitable site because that show is absolutely hilarious.  If any of you haven’t seen it you should definitely check it out.  Just post a comment with your email and I’ll send you the link to bypass the surveys if you want.

So far I’ve only had 2 movies be released that I have sites for and I’ve already made over $400.  I think this could be a great market and I’m going to explore it as much as possible.

One of my upcoming movie sites is Watch Date Night online.  I think this movie, featuring Steve Carell could really take off.

CPALead Signing Up

Anyways I really think everyone should give CPALead a shot.  I’ve given a lot of methods to make money using their program in this post already.  Hopefully I didn’t create some competition for myself :P .  If you do sign up at CPALead because of this post I would really appreciate it if you signed up through my subaffiliate link.



  1. Rob

    Hi Niko,

    Can you let me know how you set up these sites?

    I’m interested in starting a similar site..

    Which script do you use?


  2. Mike

    Hi Niko, we’ve never met but I’m friends with your sister Sarah. Last wknd your sis had a party and I learned that you were doing a lot of online affiliate type of stuff. I just started learning about affiliate marketing myself and I got a lot of questions. Email me back, I’d like to buy you a beer and ask you some questions.




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