Switching To CPA For American Facing Sportsbooks

August 5th, 2011 by NdeJonge | Print Switching To CPA For American Facing Sportsbooks

Sports betting has been my primary focus over the past year and now with the Black Friday fiasco and Full Tilt closing it’s doors poker is definitely on the back burner for myself.  That being said it seems like sportsbooks are following suit and leaving the American market.  Sportsbook.com has left the American market and changed their domain to Sportsbook.ag.  BetUS is another bookie to leave their primary market and they have changed their domain to BetUS.com.pa.  Bodog, one of the bookmakers that I would have expected to stay in the United States no matter what, has even announced that they will be leaving the American market when their license expires at the end of the year.

With all of this uncertainty in online gambling in the United States it only seems logical to be on a CPA plan rather than a revenue share model.  If the sportsbook is forced out of the American market or even leaves voluntarily all of the American players that you have been receiving rev share on will dry up and your income will diminish greatly.  Affiliates who were on the Full Tilt Poker revenue share know all to well about this occurrence.

I’m currently in the process of attempting to switch my revenue share accounts to CPA, at least at the American facing rooms.  Some sportsbooks are not as receptive to the idea, while others will work with you to ensure that you promote them to the best of your abilities.  I suggest other affiliates of American facing sportsbooks or poker rooms follow suit.


In August my goals are to maintain my websites, continue to add content and just slowly improve them.  I don’t have any big plans for August because it’s the last month of the summer and I intend to enjoy it.  I haven’t done a lot of work this summer, instead opting to hang out with friends and enjoy the summer.  Come September I will need to buckle down and work hard because as we know the online gambling industry is becoming harder to turn a profit in.

One thing I am happy about is my main online sports betting website is finally getting some love by Google.  This past month the traffic grew by 600% and I’m actually ranking for some solid terms.  I hadn’t focused on that site for almost a year and was almost ready to call it quits with it, but now I have a renewed energy to make it the authority site that I had set out to create.

My friend Adam has been working on a Free Mobile Casinos website, which I think is a great idea because mobile gaming is certainly the way of the future.  I might have to look into at least putting some more mobile oriented pages on some of my main sites.

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  1. Nice thinking with the CPA. The only problem, like you mentioned, is that most of the US facing sportsbooks won’t give you a real good CPA deal these days. There is still money to be made in the niche, but definitely no where near as profitable as it used to be. Makes it more important to expand into different niches (even if it means just focusing on European traffic). Enjoy your summer man.


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