Sports Betting Site Up and Running

October 9th, 2010 by NdeJonge | Print Sports Betting Site Up and Running

My new online sports betting site,, is finally up and running!  It took a while, especially after being broken into last month and losing 30 pages of content I had set for the site.  The design was done by Eduardo and I think it looks very professional.  After I heard that Google will be giving more value to larger, authority site I figured it was time to take a break from minisites and really make a large site I can be proud of.

The site currently has 53 static pages of content and I have plans for 63 more over the next few months and probably a few more after that.  I will also be constantly adding posts in the sports betting news section of the website with current sportsbook promos players should take advantage of, as well as predictions and odds posts.  I’m going to be outsourcing these posts for the sports that I’m not as involved in such as baseball or basketball.  I know outsourcing work is important, but I’ve always been against paying for content that I can write on my own.  Hopefully with outsourcing I’ll be able to add more blogposts and get the site to be the authority I want it to be.

Now that the site is live I’m trying to build links to improve its google ranking.  I’ve done a few link exchanges, but I’m eager for more if anyone is interested.  I’m also interested in doing some blogpost exchanges.  I’ve purchased a few links, but I’m trying not to get too many links right away because I want the link building to look natural to Google.  My strategy is to build links gradually to many pages of the site and to actually build more links after the first month or two than right away because I think this is what Google views as the natural way that links are built.  Of course, the two links in this post help my link building efforts :P .

Other than that I’m just in school, trying to finish up so I can finally go full time as an internet entrepreneur.  I’m excited that the summer is over so we now have NFL football, the NHL season has just begun and the NBA season is right around the corner.  I’m taking the Colts this week in the PAL survivor pool, so hopefully they pull through for me and get the W.  In the PAL fantasy football league Randy Moss let me down last week getting 0 points in Monday night football, after I only need 4 points for the win.  I’m hoping Favre and him gain some chemistry in Minnesota because I need big production from Moss if I have any hope of having a winning season.

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