Sports Betting Affiliate Goals November 11

November 2nd, 2011 by NdeJonge | Print Sports Betting Affiliate Goals November 11

It’s been a while since I made a post on here and I want to get back to at least adding my monthly goals and assessing my last months performance.  It should help keep me on task for the month.  Actually once the summer ended I was able to refocus and have been getting much more work done in the past two months.  Buckling down after the summer was my main goal and I feel I have achieved it fairly well.  I still have 3 courses at University and still don’t get much, if any, work done on weekends.

November Goals

  • Add 10 more static pages of content to and continue to get at least 5 posts up a week at the site.  Sports Bet Listings has recently reemerged as a solid site in Google so I want to keep this trend alive and add more pages to provide a better service and to rank for some more terms.  The posts aren’t very well liked however, sometimes taking days to be indexed, but hopefully continued posting of quality should turn this around.
  • Add 20 more static pages of content to, a new site of mine where I will be attempting to go after some “bet on” key terms.  I’m launching the site today, but it still has a lot of content that needs to be added.
  • Continue to add daily NHL predictions to  So far my NHL predictions have been doing great this season and I have seen a lot of traffic to this site.  I want to keep up posting winning picks.
  • Add a weekly post to about the tournaments taking place that week.  This is more or less just to continue to build the site and not leave it sitting.
  • Add at least 1 post to all of my other “online gambling” blogs.
  • Build more links, especially to and a few to to get it started.
  • Develop a new “Bet On College Basketball” site with 6 pages of content and build some links.

This list should keep me busy for the month, especially with the last few school projects finishing up before exams next month. I’m really looking forward to being done school and being able to focus all of my energy on making money!

Good luck in November everybody!


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