NHL Betting Site New Look and New Focus

November 3rd, 2010 by NdeJonge | Print NHL Betting Site New Look and New Focus

My last few posts have been about my new online sports betting website SportsBetListings.com.  I’ve been building links to it for about a month now and it still has yet to improve much in Google.  I’m being patient though and will continue to build links to it hoping that by the end of November I see some improvement in the SERPS.  That being said I wrote a predictions post on another site of mine NHL Betting Tips about a month ago and found that my post immediately ranked number one in Google for many of the terms relating to the post.  I think it was a predictions article on the Toronto Maple Leafs vs Pittsburgh Penguins game early in the season.  After noticing how much traffic this one post was able to generate for the day I realized that even as I’m waiting for Sports Bet Listings to take off I already have a solid NHL betting site that could use some TLC.

I decided to revamp the look of the site using the same template I had previously purchased from Eduardo.  I got him to make me a new logo for the site and change up the template colouring to make it blue.  I think it came out very nice.  I’ve added a few more pages to the site and I’ve been trying to post NHL predictions articles daily.  So far my NHL free picks record for the season is (12-4) for +8.81 units, which I’m quite proud of.  I hope that this success will entice visitors to return and also to sign up for my newsletter that I’m running through Aweber.  I just have a small call to action for the newsletter in the top right of the homepage and I checked today and I already have 16 signups.  I am going to start adding a newsletter sign-up form within the predictions articles as well and try to build a strong mailing list for the site.

It’s always nice to see a site that you have had for a while and never really thought to do much with to really take off.  Sometimes rather than starting an entirely new venture it’s good to look at some old websites that already have some age and some links pointing towards and deciding first if there is anyone to improve these sites because the website is already up and functioning, which gives you a big head start.  I was able to improve the traffic to NHL Betting Tips tremendously (up to about 100 unique visitors a day) and turn a site that I thought may have some potential into a solid site that I am extremely proud of.

I guess the moral of this post is to take a look at some old websites and make sure they are at their full potential before starting any new projects.

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