New Sports Betting Website in the Works

July 20th, 2010 by NdeJonge | Print New Sports Betting Website in the Works

This past month I have done very little work and to be honest I don’t expect to become too productive until the summer is over.  I have several more trips planned and with many of my buddies not working it’s just too easy to go out and party.  That being said, I am doing a little work here and there on a new sports betting site I am working on.

I am currently just creating content.  I have about 20 pages done and I’m looking to get at least 30 more done before launching the website.  Then I will be adding daily posts with odds, predictions and sports betting news.

I have pretty big plans for this website and for this reason this will be the first time I hire a web designer to create my template.  I have a pretty good idea of what I want and I’ll hopefully be able to have the template ready and start adding some of the content soon.

The website domain I’m going to go with is  It came down to or and in the end after talking to many people I decided to go with because it sounds more official and trustworthy.

This isn’t much of an update, but I haven’t been doing too much lately and most of my work time in the near future will be focussed on this project!

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