Created a Few Horse Racing Betting Sites

February 4th, 2011 by NdeJonge | Print Created a Few Horse Racing Betting Sites

With the Triple Crown approaching I remembered how successful the Kentucky Derby betting website that Kevin and I worked on last year and wanted to check out if there were any other races worthy of individual sites. To do this I followed a few quick steps that I’ve outlined below.

  • First, I did a few quick searches in google for “top horse races” and “popular horse races”.
  • Once I had an idea of some of the more popular horse races worldwide I headed over to the Google keyword tool and started plugging in the race names with betting terms.  For example, “Melbourne Cup betting”, “Bet on Grand National”, etc, etc.
  • Every time I found a phrase that had enough exact matches I headed over to Godaddy and checked if any of the .com/.net/.org extensions of the name were available.
  • If they were I put that domain name into my spread sheet with the approximate number of exact matches that domains key words get per month.  After going through a wide variety of possible horse racing betting keyword combinations I had my list of available domains.
  • For each domain I then went on Google and checked out the competition to see how difficult it would be to rank for the exact match and other similar keywords.  To do this I basically just entered in the different key terms and then checked the quality of the websites ranking near the top of the first page.  I looked at backlink profiles, age, and also just overall appeal of the site.
  • This weeded out a lot of domains that I felt would have too much competition to be worthwhile for me at the time.  I ended up purchasing 3 horse racing domains, each for a different popular race worldwide.

Last week I got the sites all set up.  They are each just 2 page sites for now, but I will add to them when the races approach.  I like these kind of sites because they generally only require focus from you for a week or so of the year and can still make a lot of money in this small timeframe.  I created a Grand National betting site for the upcoming race in April and also an Epsom Derby betting website for the upcoming Derby in June.  I even looked far enough ahead into the future to create a site dedicated to Melbourne Cup bets, which will likely not make a dime until November, when the race is held.

These sites were very easy to create and if I can build enough links to them they should be able to rank high enough to make a decent profit come race time.  There are still a lot of solid exact match domains out there.  You just have to put in a little work to find out which ones are worth your effort.

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