“Bet On” Type Websites for Sports Betting

May 26th, 2011 by NdeJonge | Print “Bet On” Type Websites for Sports Betting

I recently went out and purchased about 5 different “bet on” type domains for different sports or sports leagues.  I have noticed that even though these exact terms, such as “Bet On MLB” receive less searches than a search such as “MLB Betting” the conversion rate should be much higher.  An individual who searches for “bet on MLB” is no doubt interesting in betting on the MLB and looking for a betting site where they can place their bets.  An individual searching for “MLB betting” may also be looking to sign up at a sportsbook, but they could very well just be interested in learning about MLB betting and how its done.  I think the “bet on” mini sites will work great because the conversion success rate should really be based on the home page call to action.  I’m hoping that these “bet on” type sites are similar to bonus code sites in that the visitors have already decided they are going to sign up at a sportsbook, they just want to know where to go.

In a little bit of a follow up from my last post on the horse race betting mini sites my Bet Grand National website brought in 6 real money players, which isn’t great, but I wasn’t ranking where I wanted to be, which leaves me pretty happy with the results.  Add in the fact that the site was extremely easy to create and doesn’t require much upkeep, I think it was a smart buy and creation.  We will see how the next site, Epsom Derby Betting, does next month, along with Bet Belmont Stakes.

With me being pretty well done school I want to start taking the online marketing business more seriously, but it is hard to get a lot of work done in the summer when there is something going on seemingly every day and night.  I have been working on my tennis betting website, which is a solid domain that I purchased from Jess at PAL.  It still has a long ways to go, but I am going to try to make it the authority site for tennis betting online.

That’s a quick update for now.  I’ll try to do another one soon with my goals for June.

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